Probably the most famous monument in the world, known as the Colosseum due to the colossal bronze statue of Nero that in the II century AD it was placed near the monument, it is actually called the Flavian Amphitheater.

fori imperiali

The Imperial Forums are a unique architectural complex in the world, composed of a series of monumental buildings and squares, the center of political activity in ancient Rome, built over a period of about 150 years, between 46 BC. and 113 AD.

appia antica

The district of San Giovanni, whose official name is Appio Latino, allows you to make very pleasant walks immersed in greenery and surrounded by history, including patrician villas, catacombs, monuments and defensive structures.

terme di caracalla

Thermae Antonianae, one of the largest and best preserved ancient thermal complexes, were built in the southern part of the city on the initiative of Caracalla, who dedicated the central building in 216 AD

basilica di san giovanni in laterano

Called the “mother of all churches in the world”, the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano represents the ideal trait d union between the pagan era and the Christian era.

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